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Raphaële Bidault-Waddington

Raphaële (born 1971) is an artist-researcher and writer based in Paris, France, who frequently collaborates with universities, companies and city authorities around the world.

Bidault-Waddington operates from three artistic laboratories (LIID / Laboratoire d'Ingénierie d'IDées, PIIMS / Petite Industrie de l'IMage Sensorielle, and Raffinerie Poétique) to pursue her research on urban development, immaterial economy, images, value and knowledge. As a post-conceptual artist, her statement has been since 2000 that Art is a multifaceted way of thinking and experimenting that has a value far beyond the art domain.
These laboratories' output includes exhibitions, workshops, conferences, artist talks and publications. Her work is often financed by structures outside the art world such as a corporation who aims to benefit from the knowledge production mechanisms surrounding art as a force of creation and renewal. In this instance, the artist's laboratory acts as service enterprise for which she develops particular research tools such as the aesthetic audit, an experimental audit method she applies to both corporations and cities.The findings of her research can take the form of texts, conceptual diagrams, image compositions or site-specific installations.
In the spring of 2008, Bidault-Waddington ran for mayor of the 3rd arrondissement in Paris (Le Marais) for the Democratic Movement. She was defeated by Pierre Aidenbaum from the Socialist Party.
Bidault-Waddington is a member of the New Club of Paris, an international network of immaterial economy and innovation experts.


Sylvain Menétrey

Writer, curator & publisher, Sylvain Menétrey co-runs the Geneva art space Forde with Nicolas Brulhart. As a critic, he collaborates regularly with some publications like Kunstbulletin in Switzerland and Double in France. He also is co-fondeur of the art magazine Dorade.